When you’re building a new home, it can seem like there’s a never-ending list of decisions to make and dilemmas to solve in the construction process. If you’re aiming to make your new home in Nowra environmentally sustainable, it can be tough to know where to start. We thought we’d narrow it down for you by outlining the main categories of sustainable home construction.

New Home Design

Passive Design is a major aspect of environmentally sustainable construction for new homes. This method makes the most of the natural heating and cooling of the great outdoors, saving energy costs and usage and making your home more comfortable in the process. It is also important to carefully consider the materials for new home construction. We minimize waste by selecting as few brand new materials as possible. When we can’t reuse materials, we select construction materials that were sustainably sourced. Limiting the size of your new home is another environmentally sustainable option.

Energy and Water Use in Your New Home

Carefully considering energy and water use isn’t just a way to make your new home more environmentally sustainable. You’re also more likely to save money in the long run! Aim to limit your greenhouse gas emissions and use renewable energy sources. Carefully choosing where to build your new home can also help you limit your transit emissions. You’ll want to make similar choices in regards to water use. In sustainable home construction, we aim to limit the amount of water that’s used while improving management of both stormwater and wastewater.

Sustainable Home Construction

Finally, think about the use of your home over time. Is it adaptable and equipped to grow with your family or the demographic environmental changes? New home construction can be overwhelming so flexibility is key in sustainable home construction. Whether you’re located in Nowra or any of the surrounding areas of the Shoalhaven, your new home will be well on its way to environmental sustainability if you build with Eurobuild Constructions.

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